Allison and Andy's Wedding
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Saturday, July 21, 2018
By Savannah Kerksieck
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Allison and Andy Cicogni | The Little Town of Washington, California.

July 21st, 2018


July 21, 2018 a beautiful day in the midst of wedding season. Allison Easter and Andy Cigoni joined their lives together, witnessed by friends and family, to become Mr. and Mrs. Cicogni. The wedding took place in the historic town of Washington, located about thirty miles from Nevada City on the South fork of the Yuba River. Known for its placer, hydraulic, and hard rock mining during the gold rush of 1849, now with a population of approximately 200 people, this sleepy little town could not have provided a more perfect setting for Allison and Andy’s pivotal day. The venue for the ceremony was the Washington Hotel, directly on the Yuba river surrounded by pine trees and plenty of shade. Allison set the scene with elegant gold shimmer in the bridesmaid dresses and table runners mixed with rustic bouquets of pale pink roses, chrysanthemums and eucalyptus. The atmosphere was full of history and elegance; rust with roses, a stunning mix.


This wedding was particularly special for me to photograph, considering the bride was one of my roommates over ten years ago. After weeks of collaboration the timing was set! To my surprise when I arrived at the venue the bride was nowhere to be found. My first thought was panic..., “did I mix up the time?” Much to my relief, but maybe not Allison’s, I learned later that the limousine overheated and broke down on the drive down the canyon. The bridesmaids and the bride managed to handle the situation just fine. Calm and collected, they hung out on the side of the road, listening to music, and drinking champagne; cool as the green waters of the Yuba river on a hot day.


The bride arrived with her entourage of three beautiful bridesmaids dressed in gold shimmer sleeveless gowns! Allison, the most stunning bride with a beautiful updo of loose curls and tendrils framing her face, in a pink silk “Mrs.Cigoni” robe. Allison and I had originally discussed bride and bridesmaids’ photos to begin as soon as I arrived, but she looked too darn perfect for me not to get some shots of her while still in her robe.


As the day went on everything went smoothly. Andy, the handsome groom, was star struck to be marrying his bride, and I swear Allison could have given a class on “how to remain composed  throughout your wedding day”. Each transition of the day went seamlessly, from the ceremony, to family photos, to cocktail hour, into the reception. By the end of the evening I had about thirty minutes left of shooting and only the cake cutting and garter toss was left on the schedule. Right before the cake cutting, the bride, I thought jokingly, mentioned, “let’s cut this cake so I can go jump in the river!” DING DING DING, bells went off in my head thinking, “am I going to get a ‘trash the dress’ photo?”. For those of you that don’t know, a “Trash The Dress” photo is when the bride becomes fearless and mixes the elegant style with something quit unconventional. For example, jumping in the ocean in her dress or mud, anything that will ruin the dress after the more conventional parts of the day are finished. Allison made it happen! It was a short five minute walk to the river to do the garter toss on the sandy riverbank surrounded by flora, fauna and craggy rock faces. She then, invited the wedding party to jump in the river with her, then the guests followed. It was a perfect relaxed ending to a perfect relaxed wedding, on July 21st, 2018, in the midst of wedding season.



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