Hi! My name is Savannah and I am a photographer.

 I was born some odd years ago and grew up with a thousand different goals, most 99% achieved. Then my attention was caught by a new passion that I full heartedly pour my soul into. After many explorations into college majors and careers, photography is a passion of mine that has "stood the test of time".​

The first inkling of this interest was when I was six years old and my parents gave me a coffee table book of photographs and I was enthralled as I examined every colored glossy page. When I opened the book one picture took up both pages which was probably three feet in width. The book was filled with mountain lions, elephants, wolves, polar bears; pictures of malnourished children; or a half naked mother carrying water from the stream to boil food. This was the most intriguing thing I had ever seen, taking me to places I had never imagined. Right then and there, I knew I wanted to climb to the top of mountains to photograph  majestic animals, travel to undocumented villages to see people in fascinating places, and capture photographs that would inspire others the way I was inspired.

In 2009 I received my first camera and took my first film photography class. Ironically, working in the dark room shed light on what an art it can be to manipulate the photograph into a statement piece. These were the beginning days but I now shoot digitally because of the many advantages it offers.

Working professionally in photography has given me the opportunity to be a part of the wedding world. I have particular enthusiasm for working with the bride and groom, preserving memorable moments for my couples; building relationships from the engagement to the wedding; watching marriages grow; then capturing those elusive expressions of their newborn children as they enter this world has given me great satisfaction. 

 I have also developed an excitement for fashion and boudoir photography. These sessions make me feel like I’m behind the scene of a Vanity Fair or Vogue shoot; another dream I will have to share with you some other time.

 Weddings, boudoir, birth, and travel photography are keeping me busy, but I still have the intention to travel more into deep corners of the world and photograph animals, people, and events that others need to know about to educate and catalyze change. Photography is not only my passion, it is an art, and it is a tool that I use to let others know about the world.


Let me tell you a little about my support, my love, my life, my husband. His name is Scott and he is truly the most hard working man I have ever met. Without his support I would have never been able to drop everything to put all I have into this field. He always knew photography and making films made me happy and he made sure I was able to make it my life.

Thank you Scotty!